A very big week!

Photo by Jerilee Bennett, The Gazette

This has been such a fun and exciting week for Rediscovering The Prairie! Here are just a few highlights:

On Monday we opened up the front page of the Colorado Springs Gazette to a great article by Carol McGraw announcing our trip to the C. Springs community. You can take a look at it here!

Over the weekend, our Indiegogo campaign wrapped up with an outstanding  $15,825 raised through the generous donations of friends, families, and prairie aficionados alike. We raised nearly 4k more than our $12,000 goal! We are so astounded and appreciative of the overwhelming support the project and its objectives have received. An enormous thank you to all who contributed and shared the campaign with their communities. We are so thrilled to be able to say that at the end of June we will launch our expedition and head East, thanks to the generosity and support of all of our contributors.

This coming weekend (!) we are heading North to Wyoming to select the horses we will spend the next four months with and will begin working with them. We could not be more excited to meet the horses and to begin to build a relationship with them. We’ll have a bag full of carrots…

The next two weeks we will be focusing our efforts on raising the remaining $10,000 needed to safely and effectively carry out this expedition. Please lend a hand if you haven’t already and make a contribution by clicking the “donate” button to the right. If you are connected to any foundations or organizations that would be interested in becoming involved at a greater capacity as a donor or sponsor, please let us know, we would love to connect with them. 

Thanks so much for your support, we can’t wait to begin.

Calling all Prairie Lovers

Dear Prairie lovers far and wide,

You may not know it yet, but I bet you are a prairie lover. What’s more, I bet our project to cross the American prairie on horseback, celebrating our beautiful and disappearing grasslands, will help you rediscover a love for the prairie and the myriad animals, insects, and plants it is home to.


Let’s take the Sprague’s Pipit. I learned all about this little guy while reading Trevor Herriot’s brilliant Grass, Sky, Song, a chilling look at the steady disappearance of grassland birds. The male pipit circles high above its mate and sings to her for up to 3 hours, the longest display of any bird on the planet. Until recently, the Sprague’s pipit was one of the most plentiful songbirds in the prairie. According to Birdlife International, the Sprague’s Pipit has declined at a rate of 32 percent per decade in the United States since 1970. The story of the Sprague’s pipit is not an anomaly in the world of grassland birds.

We hope to have the immense luck to see one of the remaining Sprague’s pipits on our journey across the prairie. We hope we’ll be able to communicate just how beautiful and vulnerable this bird is and how precious the native grasses host to it and many others are– how imperative it is that they do not go the way of the buffalo and disappear from the prairie altogether. Speaking of buffalo, they’re back. We’ll be visiting one of the visionary Bison restoration projects in Northeastern Montana, and can’t wait to tell you all about it.

We only have about 3 weeks to raise the remaining $9,000 dollars needed to saddle up. We are so appreciative and moved by all the support everyone has shown (we have secured over $20,000 through generous donations, grants, and sponsorships). Please double your enthusiasm, lend a hand and make a contribution if you can, and let all of your friends know they can donate to our project through our website under the “Donate” tab and sidebar. We are so thankful for your help in our final push. Let’s make it happen.

Robin, Sebastian, and Winnie

p.s. Follow us on Instagram at RediscoveringThePrairie as we prepare to saddle up. Our most recent post is a great picture of Winnie choosing her favorite orange safety gear.

Sprague’s Pipit, Photo: Greg Lavaty

We’re Halfway there! Thank you so much!


We are delighted to announce that we are halfway through our campaign and half of the way to reach our GOAL! We are so thankful to the many contributors who have come out in support of “Rediscovering the Great American Prairie.”  We are incredibly appreciative and overjoyed by the support and enthusiasm the project has received from our family, friends, and communities. Our vision and dream are becoming more and more of a reality every day, and for that, we have you to thank. You are helping to inspire the protection and conservation of North America’s prairies. We have made some exciting developments and contacts, so stay tuned!

We need your help to raise the remaining 50% of our goal, so saddle up, and please share your excitement about the project by e-mailing your friends, families, dentists, colleagues, and dog walkers. You can help by posting our campaign page http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rediscovering-the-great-american-prairie on your Facebook and other social media networks, contact us about linking our page on your website, or become an individual or corporate sponsor of the project. Again, thank you SO MUCH for your unbridled (get it?) excitement and support; we are overwhelmed by the generosity and drive of our communities. Please help us move that fundraising bar from halfway to complete on our Indiegogo page.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with ideas, suggestions, and comments about the campaign and the project at RediscoverthePrairie@gmail.com

See you around the bend,

Robin and Sebastian

(artwork by Eleanor Anderson: www.EleanorAnderson.com